Trep: Mechanical Simulation and Optimal Control

Trep is a Python module for modeling articulated rigid body mechanical systems in generalized coordinates. Trep supports basic simulation but it is primarily designed to serve as a calculation engine for analysis and optimal control algorithms that require 1st and 2nd derivatives of the system’s dynamics.

Get started by installing trep and checking out the documentation. Source code for trep is available from the GitHub repository.

ROS users can now get trep binaries directly from the ROS repositories. Check the python_trep wiki page for more information.

Trep is designed to work with large mechanical systems in generalized coordinates. This video shows the progress of a discrete time trajectory optimization that was created with trep.

Trep currently features:

  • Concise System Definitions
  • Conservative Forces (Potential Energies)
  • Non-Conservative forces
  • Holonomic Constraints
  • Continuous Dynamics
  • Exact 1st and 2nd derivatives of continuous dynamics
  • Discrete Dynamics using variational integrators
  • Exact 1st and 2nd derivatives of discrete dynamics
  • Projection-based Trajectory Optimization in discrete time
  • Automatic Visualization Tools
  • Excellent Scalability

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